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If you’d like more information regarding our properties and services, please call us on 08 8337 0805 or complete our online enquiry form. Otherwise, take a look at the answers to some of the most common questions, below:

Are there any pre-requisites on becoming a resident?

At the time of becoming a resident, you (or your partner) must be at least 55 years of age.

How do I apply for an apartment in the village?

Contact us on 08 8337 0805 or via our online enquiry form to begin the application process. A formal application requires a deposit of $1,000 (which will be refunded to you in full, at any time, if you change your mind or don’t meet eligibility criteria).

We will meet with you and explain the Residence Agreement, which tells you about your rights and responsibilities as a resident, including the premiums payable (also called the ingoing contribution). Prices vary by apartments and services. When you sign the agreement, your deposit is deducted from the premium and arrangements for further payments are made.

We recommend that you seek independent advice through this process and welcome your ongoing questions and feedback.

After you sign the Residence Agreement you also have a 15 business day cooling-off period, in case you change your mind.

Who owns and maintains the village?

AlabriLife Pty Ltd is the owner of the village. We are an Adelaide-based, privately owned company, with over 20 years of experience providing care and accommodation services for the elderly in South Australia.

How do I know that the standards of facilities and services won’t diminish over time?

Under the lifetime license system that we offer our residents, AlabriLife retain ownership of the properties. This means that we have a strong, ongoing interest in making sure we maintain an outstanding reputation for the quality of our accommodation and services.

How does the Loan / License system of occupation work?

The Loan
At the commencement of the license, the resident makes an interest-free loan to AlabriLife for the value of the selected apartment.

Loan Repayment 
At the end of the license, the loan is repaid to the resident or the resident’s estate, less the Deferred Management Fee (DMF).

The amount repaid depends on the length of the occupancy and the amount paid on the resident’s incoming loan.

If the home is vacated during the settling-in period, no part of the DMF is retained other than the commercial rent for the period of occupancy. The value of the DMF ranges between 10% and 25% of the new loan, depending on the period of vacancy.

In addition to the loan repayment, a capital replacement levy of 1% per year of occupancy (capped at 10%) is deducted from your repayment. The proceeds from the levy are paid into a trust account and used exclusively to replace and upgrade capital items for the estate.

Am I liable for Stamp Duty on my apartment?

No. Under the Retirement Village Loan/License agreement, the title of the property is not transferred so there is no stamp duty payable. This is a large saving compared to other forms of occupancy.

What other charges are residents responsible for?

Residents pay a monthly fee to recoup the village outgoings. The value of the fee is agreed upon each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Village. The covers things like:

  • Council rates and charges
  • Water & Sewerage charges
  • Building Insurance (excluding residents own contents)
  • Common area lighting
  • Internal and external repairs
  • Administration costs – including the Village Manager
  • Gardening and common area cleaning
  • Annual air conditioning maintenance
  • Emergency Services Levy

The current fee until 30 June 2016 is $342 per month

Who is responsible for re-licensing the apartment?

We will undertake the marketing and refurbishment of your home when required by you or your nominated family member. We have the premise cleaned, the interior re-painted and the carpets and other items replaced as required. All this ensures that you receive the best possible price when the property is re-licensed. Refurbishment costs and agent’s fees equal to 3% of the new loan are deducted at settlement.

Are there any restrictions on residents’ use of apartments of village facilities?

You are welcome to have visitors at any time. You are entitled to have people stay with you for up to a week with permission from village management.

With village management’s permission, small pets, such as dogs, cats and birds are welcome, but reptiles and rodents are not permitted.

Can a Residence Agreement be terminated?

As a resident, you can choose to terminate your Residence Agreement at any time. The Retirement Villages Act affords residents a lifetime right of occupation, which cannot be terminated except by the resident or if the resident breaches the Residence Agreement and Rules.

What happens if the village is sold to another organisation?

The Retirement Village Act and your license provides you with an inalienable right to occupy your apartment, so if the estate changes hands, you can’t be forced to move.

Are there any other fees or charges that might come up?

The Residence Agreement outlines all costs that residents are responsible for. Each year, the estate’s operating budget will include all foreseeable expenses and they will be incorporated into the monthly fee.

It is possible that additional unforeseen fees, such as government charges and the like may be levied against residents and/or the estate. In these cases, residents will be required to pay an appropriate portion of the costs.

What type of Public Transport and shopping will be available to residents?


Metro Adelaide currently operates bus services to and from the city. The bus stop is located out the front on Payneham Road. Cambridge Estate is located  near the Marden Shopping Centre and other centres offering specialty shops. For the lawn bowler, Cambridge Estate is located next to the Payneham Bowling Club. The local council shopping bus also calls into the estate on a weekly basis and takes residents to the Firle Plaza shopping centre.

How can residents participate in the management of the village?

Each village has a Resident’s Committee to facilitate interested residents to discuss matters of common interest and make recommendations to the Village Manager.


Is there an emergency call system in place?

We have a contract with the Doctor’s Safety Line and individual residents can register with this service for a small monthly cost.  Some residents are eligible for Government rebates and concessions for this service which you can discuss with the village manager once you move in.

Please note:
This information is intended for general background purposes and the provisions of the Residence Agreement will take precedence.

Any queries can be directed to our Village Manager,
Lisa Strawbridge, 0414 106 217


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